Jim Spiers

Ballymena born,Jim Spiers relocated to England in 1989 and started playing in folk sessions around the Local area with friends. Jim had been brought up surrounded by folk songs and music from both sides of the Community in Northern Ireland. After a chance meeting with Ron Newson in a local folk session, Jim and Ron soon struck up a friendship through their love for Irish folk ballads which has grown over the years and lasted from that time to now. Soon the Band ‘Coracle’ came into the mixing pot.

First in Norfolk and then a few years later in Holland where ‘Coracle’ were to gain strength and lead to the band they are today. Jim’s wide range of vocals, from soft Ballads to Powerful protest songs and Comical numbers have given the Band the unique brand of their own which is Identified widely as the ‘Coracle’ sound and has become loved by many fans in Holland. Jim continues to challenge his Vocal range with many types of songs. He Loves nothing better than to have what he calls in his native dialect ‘A good Scraiche’
( Sing Song ).