Bas Berkhout

Bas has lived all of his life in Wervershoof in West Friesland. He comes from a very musical family. He began playing at the age of ten, first the ukelele and quickly followed by guitar, then banjo, bass, mandolin, electric guitar, squeeze box, flutes, whistles and keyboard. His greatest influence was his fathers band ‘t Volkorkest who played dutch and Irish music. As a teenager Bas was guitarist and singer in his first band “Rough and Tumble”. In 1991 he together with Jeroen Aker formed “Bassie and Bobo” who are still performing today. Jeroen and Bas decided to start a folk band and in 1999 “John Farmers Whistles” was formed with Bassie’s sister Dani Berkhout, singer Dieuwke van Ophem and Perry (Paddy) Ligthart. Bas is always involved in various musical projects with family and friends. In 2012 Bas was approached by Coracle and invited to join the band. Thankfully he said yes.