About us

Coracle really began in the late 80’s with a chance meeting of Ron & Jim during a session in a Norfolk pub.

Ron was to return to Holland and Jim has travelled back and forth between the UK and Holland ever since. At first there were two Coracles. Jim was playing with Dennis Grimmer and Lynn Hagen in Norfolk and with Ron in Holland. Eventually the English Coracle came to an end and the Dutch Coracle grew stronger.

The first Dutch based line up was Jim on vocals, Ron on Guitar, Peter Rechsteiner on Guitar and banjo and Steve Bradshaw on fiddle. In 1993 they recorded “Far From The Glens” which incorporated two original songs written by Jim and Ron. Lynn Hagen was invited to sing “Hush Hush” (otherwise know as “Don’t Cry In Your Sleep”) on this CD. This album is soon to be re-mixed. We are adding a surprise track to the CD which will feature the wonderful playing of Marco Baartse on the uilleann pipes.

As with most bands band members come and go. Peter and Steve were replaced by Piet Kolderman and Ger Cloosterman. After Peter left Ron always missed having another guitar player. For this reason Theo Burghouts was asked to join the band. In 2001 the second Coracle CD “Still Afloat” was recorded by this formation.

When Ger decided to leave the band he was replaced by Mariette van Kooten who is now married to Onno Kuipers. When it was decided to make a new CD it was Ron & Jim’s wish to have guest musicians on the CD. So Jim, Ron, Theo, Piet and Mariette were joined by Peter Rechsteiner, Onno Kuypers, Danny Guinan, Tom van der Meijs, Peter Korzilius, Erik Bakker, Dieuwke van Ophem, Boyke ten Broeke and Bas Berkhout to make the third Coracle CD “At evening Tide”

Dieuke sings a lovely rendition of the Sandy Denny classic “Who Knows Where The Time Goes”

This CD was recorded, mixed and mastered at Peter Rechsteiner’s Stringsman Studio’s. Peter also plays various instruments on the CD.

After Mariette left the band, she was replaced by Bas Berkhout. Bas is a player of various instruments including guitar, banjo, whistle and squeeze box. He is a welcome addition to the band.