Ron Newson

Ron was born in Watford England and lived through his teen years in Norfolk. During his college days he played bass guitar with the rock band Griff. In 1979 he moved to Holland where he worked in the oil industry. In the late 80’s his work took him and his family back to the UK for two years. It was during this Period that he met Jim. Ron, who was already interested in Irish music, spent as much time possible learning to play the chords to accompany Jim on a few songs which they played at various folk nights in the Norfolk pubs. Ron eventually moved back to Holland. Jim joined him to do a couple of gigs in Holland but it was nothing serious. Ron’s work made that impossible. Due to an accident Ron quit working offshore and decided to study environmental law. He now works as an environment inspector. Jim’s visits to Holland became more frequent. They soon attracted other musicians and eventually formed Coracle.